Forest Air Calling all Paramotor pilots - your planet needs you!

There are an estimated 50-60,000 Paramotor pilots around the world.

A key to future forestry and human survival.

Forest Air’s volunteer pilots are humans, equipped and ready here and now, able to do vital work.

When compared to drones, paramotor pilots have a much wider spectrum of abilities, they can:

  • Fly higher, longer and farther
  • Carry useful payloads (more weight)
  • Operate survey equipment
  • Collect DNA samples
  • Spot fires
  • Spot flowering trees for later seed collection
  • Perform precise aerial seeding
  • Even operate drones and carry their own equipment!!

All this, as well as telling their own exciting mission stories to their social networks.

Their heroic deeds will bring worldwide reforestation mission awareness and hope to a concerned public.

Most have children in schools

Most are ideally located

Many pilots can be mobilised to carry out Forest Air missions

A summary of our potential

  • A single pilot equipped with a standard issue high resolution forest air survey camera can capture the data of 6km² in 1 hour
  • If equipped with 5 "drop and catch" soft wing drones, the same pilot can add on 15km² of survey to the mission
  • In one year a pilot can fly up to 100hrs of missions
  • If just 10% of paramotor pilots fly for Forest Air, then each year we can comfortably survey half of the world's entire Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL) or half of all the arable land available for tree planting
  • If we then take the same number of pilots and equip them with pneumatic multigrain seed ball distribution systems, then...
Need we say more?
We have the support of the scientific community behind us. We have a long list of important missions ahead of us.

The Challenge

Time is running out...

The IPCC (The International Panel on Climate Change) is clear on this issue; to combat global warming we must sensitively and quickly, stop deforestation, regenerate our existing forests and create new ones.

  • Recruiting pilots is a priority, building our international web based pilot registration system is the key.
  • Primary training and mission centers need establishing. Our international instructors urgently need to start Forest Air pilot missions training.
  • We need boosted development and manufacture of our specialist mission equipment, including standard issue tech and safety gear to begin operations.
Without losing sight of our objectives, the vital work with the scientific and education communities...
  • Forest Air needs to link with multiple partners from within the paramotoring industry and outside, and recruit volunteers from the science and engineering comunity. The quest is to develop the expert tools and technologies as quickly as possible to enable us to carry out our vital work.
  • Forest Air needs operational mission sponsors, companies who need to reduce their carbon tax bills.
  • Source funding is essential to Forest Air. It is an important part of our challenge to make sure it's in place and that our chosen partners work closely in line with us.

Needs you...

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This site is currently under development and will shortly have registration on line available, in the mean time why not send us an e-mail?

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