The diary is made to help those with cancer and their friends and family.


The target audience for these journals are young adults and teens.


The background used is mainly for aesthetic purposes to draw in the target audience. The organisation may produce this diary so it can be sold and all profits made go to the organisation to help aid their cause.


The diary will be sold at stores clothes stores that many long teens buy clothes from as this is the best place to find teen and young adults. By selling these journals in these stores there will be a larger audience with very similar styles.


The design of the project is restricted to what the organisations previous fund raising items where designed to look like. The colour scheme and font used should compliment these previous designs while also being innovative.


- create a timeline of the portfolio project incorporating your planned stages of the design process in Indesign and convert it into a jpeg to upload to Adobe Spark. Timeline must incorporate the Design Process (Planning > Research > Idea Generation > Concept Development > Refinement > Production > Evaluation). The timeline must be detailed in the actions you will perform over a 12 week period to produce the final design. The timeline can take on any visual form that best communicates this.



Cancer Council offers services such as counselling, support groups and networks, educational groups, programs and information, practical assistance and accomodation. These services are there for those who are suffering from cancer and their friends and families.

Products the organisation sells to prevent cancer.


One of the covers found while researching what would appeal to young adults and teens.
Mood Board

The elements on the mood board will be incorporated with one another in a way that they become part of one design. The pieces used in the mood board have been chosen as they look modern and appealing to the target market while still staying with the colour scheme of yellow and blue that the Cancer Council organisation use. so far most of the elements of the mood board have been incorporated in the current design.

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