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Michael Yergin is a Realtor ® and Mentor for the number one residential brokerage firm in Arizona, an author, life and business coach, featured daily on his own radio talk show. He is a stand-up comedian, motivational speaker and the founder of Project Empathy, among many other things. With over forty years experience as chronicled in numerous publications such as Time, Fortune, Money Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, to name a few. Michael has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and WGN-TV. Along with his successes, Michael has written several books including the best seller Wealth Building in the 90's- What Wall Street Won't Tell You! Michael's accomplishments speak for themselves.


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Michael brings happiness, laughter, and success to everyone he meets! Michael's "Happiness Seminars" will make you laugh out loud as he shows you how to be happier, more productive and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Tune in for Michael Yergin’s “Lunch Punch” for a lunch time knock out punch of comedy every day at the bottom of your lunch hour right here on Today’s Comedy Radio. Michael Yergin- The Official United States Court Jester.Com has been a humorist for more than a half of century always making lemonade from lemons and using laughter as the best antidote “for what ails us". Today’s Comedy Radio is proud to feature Yergin’s sardonic wit every day to always keep us laughing.

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