Feeling trapped? lets help you escape

How do you feel?
  • Do you look at yourself and wish you looked different?
  • Do you think there is something wrong with your personality?
  • Are you feeling less happy?
  • Are you finding it harder to do the things you love? For example, if you love playing football, are you finding yourself losing interest in it or losing energy to play it.
  • Do you feel like people look at you and say bad things without reason?
The things said above are either a warning that you are on the road to having low self esteem or you already have it.

Low self esteem is something everyone experiences in their lifetime. You are not the only one. You may feel very alone, but i can assure you, you are not. Low self esteem can show itself in many different ways, you may feel like you are not good enough, you may feel very self aware. What i mean by this is that you care more about how others see you rather than being yourself. You may feel like a target to others and you may also feel trapped, but theres ways to overcome these feelings and i'm going to show you how.

First of all......

Whenever you think all these negative things about yourself....

Instead of saying horrible things to yourself, replace it with kinder, more supportive ones. If you appreciate the good things about yourself, it will help with your way of thinking, you won't think so negatively of yourself.

Write about a time in your past where you have felt embarrassed, rejected or felt like you were a failure, write how you felt at the time. After doing this, imagine this event happened to one of your best friends. You clearly do not like the thought of your friend upset, so write a letter to your friend and try to make them feel better. This will make you feel better about the embarrassing event that happened.

Having Low self esteem also means you lack in confidence, click on the button to unlock the secrets to having more confidence.

If you start to feel trapped, stressed and unhappy again and you have already tried the first method, try this. Grab two pieces of paper and follow what i say.

  1. On the first piece of paper, list all the good things about yourself. This can be anything you want to put down, as long as it is good and its about you.
  2. On the second piece of paper, list all the things you do not like about yourself.
  3. Keep the first piece of paper somewhere safe, look at it whenever you start to feel bad about yourself.
  4. As for the second piece of paper....
  5. Crumple it up into a very small ball
  6. Hold it over a bin......wait for it...
  7. Drop it

The ugly Duckling

Never let anyone put you down

You are you, and that won't change. Don't compare yourself to others, because every single person on this planet is different to one another.

No one is the same!

Those bad thoughts about yourself will never completely go away

But you can choose not to listen

They are the old paint

under the


You may have felt trapped

But the key has been infront of you all allong

Tell someone about the way you feel, you may find someone is facing the same problems and you both can help eachother

Talking to someone allows you to let out all the sadness and anger your low self esteem has created


Heres a phone number you can call when you feel like you need to talk to someone

SupportLine Telephone Helpline:

01708 765200

In such a dark place, you can still leave your mark to show you've been there and made it through

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