Make the World a Better Place: Decriminalize Drugs By Zoe Sherwood

There are several cases involving drug traffickers and the over prosecution of low profile drug charges. It’s very unfortunate because low profile or less threatening drug cases are over punished when they shouldn’t be.
There are numerous counts of international drug trafficking and over prosecution of handling low profile drugs, which means low profile drug cases should be decriminalized in America's court system.
A huge question has been raised to the Americans court system: Is the time and effort towards arresting low profile drug cases worth the hassle? For this question to be further understood a person should know what drug trafficking is, and how the epidemic has affected the American court system.
What is drug trafficking? Trafficking is the event of illegal smuggling and trading of illegal substances and/or the process of unlawful actions.
“Stopping these criminal acts will stop the epidemic." (Bennett and Walters)
What classifies as low profile and high profile drug cases?These are classified by how harmful, expensive, and tedious the drug itself is. An example of low profile drug is marijuana, and an example of a high profile drug is meldonium, and methamphetamine.
In 1973, Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana, and in 1996 California was the first state to legalize the drug as a medical substance. Now, twenty- three states have legalized the drug and studies show 50% of Americans support this decision and want legalization in all states.
First off, History has proven that drug laws correlate to the early prohibition era illegalizing of alcohol in the 1920's. Just like alcohol being illegal, drugs are and as a result people are going out of their way to get their hands on the product. This has a negative affect on the crime rates within the country.
Second, throwing an addict man in jail will just open the drug trafficking wider. When he meets several more dealers, getting out will just add fuel to the fire. Connections are the way, and jail is the perfect bait for an addict to get what he strives for: getting the high his body craves.
An obvious solution that would be a huge disadvantage to drug traffickers: sending the addicts to rehab instead. If we can get addicts the help they need instead of convicting them and sending them off to jail, we’d see a huge survival rate increase and the demand for drugs would be eliminated.
A huge issue with addiction is how it’s perceived by the social eye, "That is, if society did not make addicts feel so ashamed of their habit, they would be more open to seeking help for their deadly affliction, possibly saving their lives." (Murray). If we can get addicts the help they need instead of convicting them and sending them off to jail, we’d see a huge survival rate increase and the demand for drugs would be eliminated.
Third,The jails have been forced to remodel because they can’t hold as many inmates as they’re putting in. We’re seeing unnecessary men going to jail for misdemeanors instead of high profile crimes like murder and rape. In what way is it morally right for man handling marijuana less innocent than a man taking away a woman's’ innocence?

In Portugal, we have seen many amazing examples of how the country decriminalized drugs has made the country thrive on its population.

"the law seems to have worked: serious drug use is down significantly, particularly among young people; the burden on the criminal-justice system has eased; the number of people seeking treatment has grown; and the rates of drug-related deaths and cases of infectious diseases have fallen.” (Specter)

When someone is addicted to substance they will do anything in their power to obtain it. As a result, many addicts are using dirty needles, are buying unregulated drugs that ultimately cause painful overdose. If drugs become decriminalized, people can have a safer way to detox and use these now illegal substances. It will also lower the disease count like HIV and AIDS.

“Harm reduction is like a lure in fishing. It is the thing we can do to talk to people and tell them there is a way to stop."(Specter). If the government regulated drugs so the users would be healthier we’d see a significant impact in the lowering percentage of overdose caused death.

There have been many cases where families try everything from interventions, forcing rehab, and sending their family members to jail to try and give them a wakeup call. The cold hard truth is that if someone doesn’t want help, they are going to everything in their power to not receive it.
With that being said, it's the main argument for people who oppose of decriminalizing drugs. They argue that it's a waste of time and money to send convicts to rehab instead of prison.Although they are good points to definitely take into consideration, there’s a bigger picture to just throwing an addict in jail.
With open arms we can stop this drug epidemic with a helping hand for people who need it. Shaming someone for their addiction is inhumane, and as humans we should be more sensitive and understanding to a person in need.

HOw can you contribute to the DECRIMINALIZATION of drugs in our COUNTRY?

First off, you can take action by telling your representative to support legalizing drug in the state. Make your voice be heard.

Lastly, you can or be involved in legalizing protests and sign petition agreements that go towards the senate or your local representative.


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