Independence for India By SHaina Doser

British rule in India has reduced Indians to a state of serfdom from which we need to be freed.

There should be no segregation between Hindus and Muslims. All people are equal. I believe in all religions and don't see any reason to validate superiority.

We must work for our freedom through non-violent acts of civil disobedience and passive resistance. This includes protests, fasting, and boycotting British textiles. I make my own clothes as a form of the Homespun Movement. Fighting back physically won't solve our problems. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

We do not need to relay on the British. Take part in the Salt March with me and many others who seek independence from the British. On March 12 we will set out on a 240-mile trek to the sea and make our own salt.

Take part in standing up against the British and becoming part of the story of gaining independence for India.

Created By
Shaina Doser


Created with images by Jonas B - "Aerosol Gandhi" • VinothChandar - "Mahatma Gandhi" • David Paul Ohmer - "San Francisco - Ferry Terminal Building "Mohandas Gandhi"" • TuendeBede - "gandhi graffiti face" • andreas160578 - "bowl salt wood" • pradippal - "indian flag flag india"

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