How to Take Care of a Rabbit taking care of a rabbit is fun and easy

Types of Breeds

Any breed of rabbit can make a good pet. In most cases, there are only two factors to consider when choosing a pet rabbit. One factor would be the amount of care the rabbit needs and the second factor would be the size of the rabbit. Some breeds are larger and need more care than others so choose wisely.

Training your Rabbit.

Bunny proofing the home can help protect the rabbit as well as the home. A rabbit's nature is to dig and chew but these habits would get worse if you don't stop them or provide the proper place for your bunny to do them.

Feeding your Rabbit .

There is some confusion about what a rabbit should eat. A rabbit's diet consists of 75 to 80% hay . More importantly they should be fed high quality timothy hay, grass hay or meadow hay. Rabbits also eat carrots, cucumbers and pelleted food.

Treat health Issues

In some cases, rabbit owners attempt to treat rabbits at home for illnesses and injury. However it's always a good idea to consult a vet when a rabbit is sick or hurt.

Potty Training

Potty training a rabbit is not an easy task. Give the rabbit a small litter box with no top and low sides. For litter, use recycled newspaper or unscented kitty litter. Never use clumping based litter or clay based litter . This type of litter can be harmful to a rabbit's respiratory system.

Now you know how to take care of a rabbit!


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