Walt Disney Company By: Ryan King

The Walt Disney Company was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1923 by brothers Roy and Walter Disney. Since it's creation, The Walt Disney Company has become one of the world's most prominent companies.

Disney has become one of the largest mass media producers and entertainment providers. They have a diversified business portfolio that has five segments: ‌

  • Media Networks
  • Parks and Resort Studio
  • Entertainment
  • Consumer Products ‌
  • Interactive Gaming
Disney is leading in almost each category

I would like to work for Disney because they are dominant force in the mass media and product market. Due to Disney's dominance, this would allow me to conduct billion dollar deals in the future as a financial analyst. In result, this would make me feel like a valuable asset to the company. Also their company mission statement aligns with my beliefs about creating memorable experiences for the consumers through innovative products and services. Nothing is more satisfying than leaving others in contentment.

Other Reasons that attracted me to Disney:

  • Multiple locations to work around the world
  • Great feedback from employees and Glassdoor.com
  • Reasonable work hours (50-70 hours)
  • Health insurance and retirement plans
  • Great work culture
  • Free tickets!

In conclusion, Disney is a successful organization with a diversified portfolio of brands and services. The idea of dealing with billion dollar funds is enticing to a young professional like myself. In addition, their company mission of creating memorable experiences through innovative products align with my beliefs of satisfying the consumer. I am excited to utilize the skills I learned through my time at UF and during my internships to become a valuable asset to the Walt Disney Company.


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