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The Long Goodbye

Alzheimer’s and dementia are not part of getting older; it’s a terrible, nasty disease. It may hide the person beneath, but there’s still a person in there who needs and loves you. This series is a digital representation printed on metal (14 x11), of loss. The loss of time, memories, and the person who once was and yet, is still with us. My father now lives in this realm., As I researched, learned and tried to understand this disease I stumbled across a couple of poems that inspired the creation of this series. The first, “Do Not Ask Me To Remember” -- written by Owen Darnell in which he tries to put things into perspective after dealing with his wife’s declining condition over time.. The piece subtitles are excerpts taken from “Ten Requests From A Person With Alzheimer’s” – author unknown

The Long Goodbye (I) – Remember my past, for I was once a healthy vibrant person

The first in the series is a reflection of the person I knew.

The Long Goodbye (II) – Remember my present, for I am still living.

The second in the series vists the person as he is, whose face still lights up when he sees me, his daughter. He might not be able express a complete thought, but his love is still there.

The Long Goodbye (III) – Remember my Future, though it may seem bleak.

The third in the series represents the unknown path to the future. Where will it takes us?

Northern ontario

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Donna Cushing

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