Having No Access To Healthy Foods By Ashley bright


My research paper explains the causes and effects of not having access to healthy foods.

I focused on three different communities that are mostly affected by it.

I explain three 3 main talking points.

Sources and Statistics


Thesis- Without access to healthy foods minority, urban, and lower- income communities are mostly likely to suffer from health problems.

3 Key Points

Food Deserts: "a part of the country vapid of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthful whole foods that is usually found in impoverished areas".

  1. Food Deserts
  2. Grocery Stores
  3. Money
CAUSES: Economic, Transportation and Distance./ EFFECTS: Obesity and Heart Diseases

Sources and Statistics

Access to Healthy Food”. www.thefoodtrust.org.

"What Is The Problem and What Is The Solution?” www.thefoodtrustorg.


{Find multiple ways to get healthier foods where it is most need it.} {| Action must be taken across all levels locally, state, regional, and federal to level resources and target efforts to places.}


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