Do It All In Choteau Northwest Outdoor Writers Association 2018 Conference, April 26-29

The heart of Montana beats softly and gives life to outdoor adventures you won't want to miss!

Choteau. Pronounced “SHOW TOE”. Easy to say, sometimes hard to remember. But after you’ve been to Choteau, you’ll always remember this beautiful area in central Montana.

Snow geese en masse at Freezout Lake. Bird photos by Bert Gildart.

Don't miss our pre-conference Outdoor Photography Seminar with nationally-known photographers Bert Gildart and Keith Szafranski.

Home of the Swan Liftoff, spring at Freezout Lake.

Sandhill cranes
Snow geese
Sandhill cranes at sunset

Discovery of the dinosaur known as Maiasaura peeblesorum. “Maia” was found about 10 miles west of town.

The gateway to Glacier National Park. Bird watching and bird hunting.

Left: Gary Lewis photo

Trout fishing in the surrounding rivers and reservoirs.

You don’t have to drive far to go fishing, hiking, shooting, shopping or find friendly people.

Your hosts Beth and Tom, managers at the Stage Stop Inn, will make your stay comfortable.

Indoor swimming pool
Newly remodeled rooms
Delicious homemade pies and a small community with all the conveniences of a big city.
Best buffalo burgers, there's plenty to eat and do.
Enjoy our annual fishing derby
Or our annual shooting event
Grab a pair of cowboy boots
Visit the Old Trail Museum
Story ideas blended with a rich history.

Interview Julie Ameline, Director of the Old Trail Museum, Oldtrail2@gmail.com

Meet some real dinosaur experts and go on a dig!

Interview Paleontologist David Trexler, author of Becoming Dinosaurs at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, site of the Wine Social Thursday night.

Meet some real grizzly bear experts

Interview Sandy Jamieson, artist, hunting guide

Shop for art made by local artists

Choteau, Montana - little town close to everything!

Discover Central Montana: Land of the dinosaur (the original big foot), fishing, birdwatching, horseback riding, hiking, hunting.

Join us for the 2018 Northwest Outdoor Writers Conference in Choteau, Montana

For more information contact Chris Batin at batinchris@gmail.com or call 907-322-8000. Sponsored by Central Montana Tourism

Register today at www.NWoutdoorwriters.org/conference

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Adela Jackson


All photos by Adela Jackson, unless otherwise noted.

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