Marriage is a Good Thing Casey allay

Marriage is safer. Single and divorced women are four or five times more likely to experience abuse than married women. Two thirds of violence towards women occurred to girlfriends, not wives. Marriage lowers the risk of domestic violence. Raising a child in a loving home reduces the risk of your child being abused, going to jail, and becoming a drug addict or alcoholic.

You will make more money. Married men as much as forty percent more than single men. The longer the man stays married, the higher the marriage premium he receives. You bring in more money as two working people together than either one individually. When preparing for retirement married couples have assets worth $410,000 whereas it is $167,000 for unmarried people.

Married people have better health than unmarried people. Married men have better bone density than unmarried, divorced, or widowed men. The results for women were more mixed. Marriage itself did not lead to healthier bones, but good marriage did. Married people are also less likely to develop cancer and have heart attacks.

Married couples are overall more happy than non married people. Married people are twice as likely to be "happy with life" and less than half as likely to be "not too happy" than people who are not married, widowed, or divorced. Married people also have less depression and stress as well as lower blood pressure.

Married couples experience more and better sex than single people. Despite television shows portraying single men having more fun and having sex with whoever they want, married men have sex more often. Single men are twenty times more likely than married men to not have sex in the past year. Fifty percent of husbands say their sex is extremely satisfying, as opposed to only thirty-nine percent of cohabiting men.


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