Super Babies By: Alexis bagneris

Once upon a time there were two babies who where bestfriends. One babies name was Alexis and the other babies name was Jada. One day the babies were playing together. Then Alexis wanted to stay over longer and watch T.V. They feel asleep then something magical happened. They got superpowers, costumes, different hair, and found out when they woke up. They were very happy, and didn't know what to do.


They found out what to do with their powers. When they figured out how to work them they used their powers to help them. They had to hide there powers from each other, so if they did not have superpowers there would be no superhero books, hair color, and costumes without them. They made people think there styles were cool, and the people knew they would make a difference. The girls wanted to play with there superpowers, and they wanted to learn more things about their powers. These girls would soon save lives their whole lives until retirement, and that probably won't retire.

Age 11
Age 11

These girls wanted to grow up saving lives, so they did grow up saving the people. The girls loved to save people, and when they found out there was no superhero like them they said " I invented a Superhero and there is no one like me". when they took a trip to a different superhero's and they all became best friend for life and invented a place for all of them to stay at, so they can be in the same place at the same time. Now they would all change the world, and save it.

The New Team

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