The Divine Jessica Panicker

I stand outside of Contans Theater during intermission.

The Spatial Experience

Upon entering the theater, I felt like the area seemed very large and open. The lights were bright and revealing. However, right before the play began, the lights were dimmed and at that moment, it seemed that nothing but the stage mattered. It was easy to forget reality and take a step into another life. During the play, I sat in the front, far right of the theater. Because of this, I really noticed the emotions and small mannerisms of the characters. I did not feel like the size of the audience affected my experience of the play in the slightest. This may have also been because I sat in the very front row and most other audience members sat behind me. Since the role of place is so important during The Divine, it makes me wonder about the role of place in the Good Life. Overall, I believe that it is essential for one to find his or her role of place because it makes them feel wanted and a sense of belonging. A role of place is like finding a niche in a ver large ecosystem.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my friend. In preparation for the performance, we simply tried to find Contans Theater the day prior to the performance. I believe that because I came with my friend, I found the play to be more interesting. My friend has a deeper appreciation for acting and plays because she used to act in theater performances in high school. Being able to discuss the play with her afterwards made me realize more than I alone would have noticed about the play. I believe this is the importance of shared experiences in Good Life. They bring people closer because it was an experience that each person had but each person interpreted their experience in different ways.

I stand outside of Contans Theater after having watched The Divine.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Before attending the performance, I knew nothing about the subject matter. I believe that there were multiple central issues such as poverty, fame, publicity, and fitting in. The play taught me that, especially during those times, people live in a very individualistic world. However, this lonesome mentality can be alleviated when lets others help them. In my personal life, I connect with Michaud the most. He is training to reach his goals and better himself. In this way, he hopes to reach a better life. I connect with him for this specific reason. I, like most other students, attend classes and go to university because I hope to make a better and more independent life for myself.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine reinforces the idea of catharsis katharsis by all the little elements that go into the play along with the play itself. The audience is forced to observe the dramatized but still realistic reactions of each character. Through this, the audience is able to determine the motives of the character and determine which characters are good and which are bad. However, in deeper reflection, we realize that the play emulates society more than we would like to believe. It reflects how people seem to be on a constant search for the next opportunity that could help them. In finality, the play reflects katharsis because it shows the importance of collectivism over individualism.

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