Vultures BY:Eliza

Vultures are an endangered species. We always need to take care of them. There are many different kinds of vultures who may not be here in a few years.

Vultures have three toes with very sharp talons on each foot. They also do not have feathers on there head. The size of a vultures can go up to ten feet from wing to wing. They can go from three pounds to twenty five pounds. The condor vultures is the largest vulture and is the largest bird on earth that is able to fly!

Vultures are a kind of bird with a strict diet of meat. They always eat dead animal chorpes. They circle around there prey until they find a perfect time to have there dinner. They also have a spacific beak so they don't have to stick there whole head into the animal. There pointy beak is long enough to stick in by itself.

There can be hundreds of vultures at a time around one animal. Believe it or not, most people don't like vultures and take them for granted. When ever you see a vulture you need to remember not to harm them , and that vultures keep our world clean!

In conclusion, vultures are very important species that are dying out fast. Take care of the vultures around you and do not harm them. Vultures are unique and have a purpose in our world.


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