The legend of King Arthur By Erik Stearns

A Story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated.
Before we begin the story of Arthur we must first explain what made him a legend. The sword in the stone. "who so pull out this sword from the stone is rightful born king of all England.
With the sword in the stone story explained we now learn that Arthur was one of many people to try to pull the sword out of stone, but unlike the others who tried before him he was successful and took his rightful place as king.
As king he gathered knights to fights the Saxons who were slowly taking over the country. But King Arthur was able to stop the Saxons with many battles and a major victory.
With guidance King Arthur was lead to get a magical sword from The Lady of The Lake. When he obtained the sword it was named Excalibur.
After a time of peace a civil war started and King Arthur was greatly wounded. He was sent away on a boat and he reached the isle of Avalon where his wounds were treated.
His body is said to be buried with all his knights around him. Ready to ride again to save their country.


images all from google images and not belonging to me. Made for a project

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