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Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30th, 1853, in Groot-Zundert. Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter whose work, notable for its beauty, emotion and color, highly influenced the 20th century. All through his life he suffered a mental illness which caused him to have depression, paralyzing anxiety, and bipolar disorder. He got his artistic talents from him mother who was a moody artist whose love of nature, drawing, and watercolor inspired him. Through his life he developed as strong love for English culture when he transferred to Groupie Gallery in London. Sadly he suffered a horrific breakdown when the girl he loved rejected his marriage proposal. During this breakdown he told all of his clients not to buy the worthless art they sold this of course got him fired. After his ''little'' indecent he needed to find a new job he was able to get a job teaching in a Methodist boys' school, and also preached to the congregation although he was raised in a religious family. While he was preaching and teaching he spent a year studying diligently, he refused to take the Latin exams, and called Latin the ''dead language'' of poor people and that it was subsequently denied entrance. After those two careers failed he moved to Brussels and became an artist. When he told his family that he was becoming an artist his brother offered to help him financially. Van Gogh had a horrible love life, he had fallen in love in with a girl who was repulsed by him and moved back home to Amsterdam. Another failed love attempt was when he moved to the Hague and he fell in love with a girl named Clasina Maria Hoornik, who was an alcoholic prostitution and she stopped for a while while they were together but when she went back to it he became utterly depressed. He later was found dead with a self inflicted gun shot wound.

How i would describe my artwork would be a lonely path surrounded by trees of all colors and the trees leaves are falling off and filling the path with them. This makes it more colorful. The subject matter is that even when you are lonely anything can bring color into your life. The title of my artwork is ''A Path of Fall''. The contrast I am showing is the the colors and the black and white.

How I created this piece of art is by first finding a concept. What I used to create is a ruler, markers, sharpies, and pencil. I contrasted the black outline with the colored markers. I left some of the trees just white and black to show that it shows less color on the way to the end. I used the ruler to make the trees look more realistic and straight. The black sharpy was used for outlining and the colored sharpies were used for colors. I used markers for the rest.

Who inspired this piece of art was Vincent Van Gogh who loved to paint nature, and loved color contrasting. What inspired this artwork was Van Gogh's famous painting of a vase full of flowers which includes the nature and the colors of contrasting. This piece of artwork represents a social issue that even the darkest paths can be colorful which means even the darkest person can have some color and light. The emotions that i expressed in this artwork were happiness and sadness. How i showed these emotions was the happiness was the colors and they are happy colors but the sadness is shown because the end of the path has no color.

My goals as an artist is to become better and learn more, learn to take my time, and to focus more on my art career. This piece helped me achieve some of my goals. It helped me achieve learning to take my time by showing me that every detail counts and the colors matter. Another goal is to learn more Mrs.Ladd taught us how to contrast and how to do all the other techniques I used. The last goal is to become better thanks to Mrs.Ladd I have grown and became a better artist.

My thoughts about my art work is it is ok in my opinion. I learned how to contrast and to take my time on my artwork from this project. The final piece is not what I imagined it isn't my best work but i am happy on how it came out i wish i could have done better though. How it's close to what I imagined it the colors and the overall drawing but I really messed up with the colors. When I look back at this piece it makes me think i can achieve better things and it shows i can do better.

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