Programme update from Programme Director, Paul Helsby

The work to scope out Future Northants delivery programme is being led by each of the Chief Executives and at this current phase of the programme we are in ‘Discovery’ where significant amounts of data is being gathered and analysed to form a baseline upon which to start the design phase in the next few months. The design phase will provide lots of opportunities for ‘task and finish’ groups made up of subject matter experts to come together to use that expertise to help inform and design how services will operate in the new North and West Unitary Councils.

One critical component of the programme is the opportunity to rethink service delivery particularly in terms of any opportunity to bring transformational step change that has the potential to be at the cutting edge of public service reform. It is with this in mind that I ask you to think carefully about any transformational or change work that you may be currently undertaking in your authority that could have an impact beyond 1st April 2021 and Vesting Day.

The Design Board needs to know of any long term impacts that may have a bearing on the known baseline information and future service delivery so that we can ensure good work is not lost and that it fits the strategic aims and priorities of the new organisations. With this in mind please ensure that you discuss any work of this nature with your Chief Executive/Managing Director who will then be able to bring this to the attention of the Design Board.

New websites outline journey to unitary

Two new websites have launched offering a reliable source of information about the move toward unitary governance in Northamptonshire. Named ‘Future Northants North’ and ‘Future Northants West’ they carry the same core information while outlining the separate processes being followed in the north and west of the county.

View the websites at https://futurenorthantsnorth.org and https://futurenorthantswest.org

These are dedicated sites describing the process so far, who is involved, progress from public meetings, and news including details of the upcoming shadow authority elections. This is by far and away the best means of keeping up to date with our progress.

There is understandably a great deal of speculation about our move toward unitary governance and these two sites will offer the most reliable means of ensuring you are aware of the facts and keeping up to date on progress.

If the sites don’t have answers to your questions, you will be able to contact the programme office and be confident of an accurate response.

New-look branding for our new-look programme

The new branding for the programme that will take us to two unitary authorities is now known as the Future Northants programme and we’re very excited to share it with you.

The communications group (made up of comms professionals from all eight authorities) has created branding that reflects where the programme is taking us with the creation of two unitary authorities.

It has all been approved by chief executives and leaders to be rolled out for use so from now on, please refer to the programme as Future Northants rather than the many variations that have been used previously (LGR, unitary, transformation).

All councils and members of the programme team will now be using the Future Northants branding when communicating about the programme and a toolkit has been developed to help with this. For more information, please contact your Council's communications team.