Choux à l'Orange by viv

Meet our petit cream puffs,

our choux au craquelin

Our choux | shoo | is filled with orange pastry cream, using a recipe from our favorite pastry chef, Sebastien Rouxel of Bouchon Bakery. It's the best cream we've ever eaten, it's also the best kind of cream to make.

No need to temper yolks with hot milk. Not that you'd care, but it translates into a cream like no other:

luxurious, silky, smooth, with a pleasurable roundness in the palate

And we went an extra mile to give our cream a bolder zing of orange.

See that crispy top?

That's the craquelin | crack-uh-luhn | -- a cookie we set atop the choux before they go into the oven. Our cookie is rolled 1/16-inch thick, slightly less than 2mm. That gets tricky in Singapore temperatures, even in air-conditioning. The rolled-out cookie dough has to visit the freezer often — in, out, in and out — before a cookie mold can cut out cookies neat and clean.

For a richer flavor, we've worked in almond flour into our cookie dough.


get a box of choux and delight your family


15 per box | 315g

puffs are 4cm in diameter



also available in coffee

this bake contains dairy, eggs, almond, gluten

keeps well, refrigerated, in its box for one to two days


delivery available

three-day pre-order


11 toh tuck road . 596290

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vivienne yeo is a baker, a home cook, and a writing teacher with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery

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Vivienne Yeo


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