St. Jude Children's Hospital by: Kylynn Morris

St. Jude Research Hospital specializes in treating children with cancer.

They know how stressful it can be so they don't charge families.

Founded by Danny Thomas in 1962

They offer new innovations in medicine.

They have 7,800 patients yearly

1996 Peter Doherty head of St. Jude department of immunology was awarded a Nobel Prize

St. Jude's spends two million on hospital operations a year.

They have 3,600 employees

They have an international program in Africa

No child is denied for lack of pay

They treat 260 patients a day

First institution to find a cure for sickle cell

They have a 94% survival rate

81 cents per dollar is spent to better the hospital

Freely shares their innovations with other hospitals

They have treated kids from all 50 states

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