Mindset Recognizing and Revising self-talk


Everyone has an inner critic that they hate facing, but of course it's hard to get rid of it. What does it say you ask? Well, mine specifically tells me the reason I don't succeed is because I can't, and I'm not good enough to. This isn't just an every now and then thing. This happens everyday. It's crazy how something like yourself can affect you so much because you would think that since it is your mind that you could control it. Wrong.
Today I felt my inner critic tell me I could never be want I wanted to be in the future. Struggling in any class makes me feel bad about myself. My inner critic told me no matter how hard you work, you always seem to fail. 2.10.2017

Just like this photo, when my inner critic yells at me everything turns black and white. On this day I got a test grade back (biology: 45%) that I wasn't happy with. I was hurt the most because I worked really hard for it. Sometimes I feel like I can't do the things I want to do because I am not good enough to do them. But as the hours, and the days, and life goes on, I think the best thing to do for yourself is move on, and try harder. Prove yourself wrong, and things will start to look up. Don't let your inner critic ever tell you what you can or can't do.

Do You Want To Be Defended?

The inner defender that you are feeling is trying to protect you, but is that really a good thing? Placing the blame on someone else makes it harder for ones self to work towards being better because you are not really seeing the real problem (whatever it may actually be).
When I got my economy quiz grade back today (40%), I realized that my teacher isn't the best teacher, and that's the reason I didn't do good on the quiz. Is that the truth, or am I just trying to protect myself from the thought of my own failure? 2.8.2017

Life will throw you curve balls, but is it life's fault that you didn't get a home run? Don't blame someone else for your own mistakes. I was the one who didn't come prepared for that economy quiz, and it is my fault I didn't succeed. Even though it is so much easier to blame someone else, it makes it harder in the end to fix your mistakes. Tell the truth, and own up to it.

Guidance Makes Everything Easier

It is very easy to make the right decision about something when someone else tells you to do it. This is what your inner guide is for. Let it guide you in the right direction. Let it make the decisions. This is a great way to fix anything you have going on in your life.
No day is perfect. Bad things happen. When I get really stressed out I tend to shut down instead of fixing my problems. I got stressed about all of the work I needed to do that I didn't have time for. But today my inner guide led me in the right direction, and it feels good knowing I fixed/accomploshed something that wasn't going right for me. 2.12.2017

Fixing My Problems

Knowing what you have to do, and doing it has so many rewards. I talked myself into doing all of the work I had to do for all of my classes, and there was no better feeling than the satisfaction I felt when I was finished. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. My inner guide was the one that helped me with this. Even though my inner guide is a part of me, it feels like it is another person that helps me get through anything I have going on in my life. My inner guide is my own personal assistant that I can call anytime, and know that it would be there no matter what.

I "scored" when I finished all of the worked that was overwhelming me!

Everyone has their own inner voice "default" to go to when they are in trouble. My #1 fan would be the inner critic. It jumps on me every chance it gets, and I would do anything to change that. There is nothing worse than someone in your head telling you that "you'll never be good enough" or that "you are a failure." It seems to never go away, and it comes back whenever it wants to. I think one of the main reasons I hear that voice so much is because I don't believe in myself. I feel like I let myself, and others down when I am not always the best me that I can be. Everyday I wake up hoping that I will be successful, and I try so hard for it because I want it so badly, but the second I mess up or don't get exactly the grade that I want, I shut down. I hate the way I feel when I shut down because it feels like that feeling will never go away. I want to be so much better about putting myself down, and try to lift myself up more. I think it will be a hard task in itself, but if I want it bad enough (which I do), I can easily accomplish my goals. If I am not satisfied with something I can use my inner guide to help me solve my problems. I hope this plan to get rid of my inner critic helps me to be the better me, and succeed like I would love to do.


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