The Final Race By: Emma Forler

“You have three laps to go” I hear as I rev my engine one last time. I see 49 pull next to me as he looks me in the eye with a light smirk playing on his lips. I look from one mirror to the other before moving slightly to the left.

“Be careful out there, next thing you know you might end up like 125” I hear roaring in my left ear with a heavy laugh following it. I look back to the track and check for cars again before moving to the right, directly in front of 49. As I pass him I hear the roar of hundreds of screams and the sound of aluminum splitting. I look back to see 570 doing a 360°, then I hear the screeching of brakes. 49 must of not have seen the crash as he quickly approaches me and smacks my bumper. I look forward and see the wall coming closer to me faster than ever. I look down at my feet and I can’t seem to make them move, everything seems to be happening so fast, until it all stops. I look forward and see that the wall is barely coming any closer to me and I hear faint yelling in the distance. At this time everything seems so far away, sounds, the car and even the small headset I’m wearing that he’s yelling in.

Then I remember being a little kid when 125 was trying to get me to try out the dirt bike that has been passed down to every kid in our big family.

“Come on sweet heart, it’s not that hard. Even your brother can do it” 125 says with a small smile plastered across his face.

“I heard that” I hear him yell. 125 replies with a simple chuckle and a small shake of his head.

“I don’t want to do it at all. It’s not as safe as one of the cars on the track, I don’t see any seatbelts Dad” I said sternly with my arms crossed over my chest. Now I wish I would have rode the dirt bike. It would have been so nice to feel the wind in my hair as I fly down the hills that our house rests on top of.

I look back up from my day dream to see that the car has hit the wall and is now flipping. Everything is going so slow that it makes my head hurt. I can still hear the slight yelling in my ear but it seems to have dulled out somewhat. Everything almost looks peaceful as the car flips in slow motion. I wonder if I’m going to die because of 49 just like my dad did.

Now I remember when 125 was zooming down the race track to the winning position. I could hear his signature chuckle through the head piece as he whipped past 49. He was now in first place and 49 was obviously not happy with this. They were on the final lap when it happened. The sound of brakes failing filled my ears while I saw the audience stand up and screech. I stood completely still, paralyzed by fear. I couldn’t move a single muscle as I saw 49 slam into 125, my own father. Everyone rushed to the car to see if 125 was okay, right as they reached in to get him out the engine exploded and lit on fire. I saw him being dragged out of the car as quickly as humanly possible. He had gashes with shards of glass sticking out of him with a few of them along his face, arms and legs.

“Come on and help him” I hear him scream. But I couldn’t move at all, my legs were stuck in place. How much I wish that I could have helped him is unbearable but I just couldn’t move.

That day will never leave my memory, every night I have nightmares about it. Then everything goes back into normal speed, I see the car smash down onto the ground. This car is my prized possession and now, it’s broken beyond repair. I look to my left, then to my right and see people running towards me with bright yellow jackets on, then I see him.

“It’s your fault he’s dead”

“Why would you stand there while he’s dying and not do anything”

“How can you live with yourself” I hear my brother say, yet nobody is saying it at all. Looking back at it I guess I can’t change what happened then so I won’t focus on it. I’ll focus on trying to live with the memories and to repay my father by being the best driver on the track, He was wrong.

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