Life after Death

There are six arguments for life after death. Those six arguments are the following:

The argument from authority. This is not a proof but it is a strong clue. The vast majority of all people who have ever lived, in all nations, cultures, races, and religions, have believed in life after death.

The argument from desire. The desire to conquer death is in all of us. We all find death scandalous. The desire for immortality is natural and universal.

The argument from the soul not having parts. We are not just bodies; we are also souls. The soul is the source of life to the body. When the body loses its life, it does not lose any atoms, but it loses something. Something in us is not composed of atoms.

The argument from reason and free will. Our souls can perform two acts that are spiritual, not just physical; therefore, our souls must be spiritual. And what is spiritual is not mortal. Therefore our souls are immortal.

The argument from God. If there is no life after death, there is no God, and you have to be an atheist. For if God exists, then immortality must exist also because of divine justice. Not everyone gets what they deserve in this life, and if there is no next life, then there is no justice in the end; and if justice does not have the last word, then a God of justice does not exist.

And finally, the last argument. The argument from the intrinsic value of a person. If a person doesn't have value then after death they are replaceable like a car, that isn't true, every person is unique and therefore irreplaceable.


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