Ranking the Sui dynast's contributions USING P.E.R.S.i.a as a lens

The sui's most lasting contributions are clearly in the ECONOMICS realm

Even though they where able to build the grand canal which gave them more of a stable water supply it is clear that there economy was more stable. for example they had a strong army and where able to supply them, they where able to maintain there army because of there economy. Also when they added forts to the great wall and expanded it more they where able to improve protection by making it stronger so that invaders wouldn't be able to come in. The Sui also had strong army as well, for example they where more strict with there army, they focused more on it because they thought it was important for any dynasty's success. Also there religion was very good as well as they belived in gods and in heaven they would do sacrafices, As well as believing in the mandate of heaven. This was something used for dynasty's in order to gain power they needed permission from the gods inorder to take over, when a dynasty was said to lose the mandate of heaven they would be overthrown. There social structure was very unique as well they focused a lot on agriculture. for example in this website it says, "At the beginning, the agricultural acreage increased greatly which promoted the crop yield."(news group,2017) Also there artistic side was really creative aswell they made a lot of statue that really helped architecture.


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