Florida by Laurie-Jade Tremblay

Florida is also known by the Sunshine State because Florida is in the the southetestern of the USA. It's because of the heat that's have a lot of population in this state. The population is calculate approximately to 19,89 million in 2014.

The climate is certainely very very hot. Florida haves a tropical climate, that's mean that is humid. The summer, the temperature is around 30 degree.

The flag of Florida have a special design. Florida changes their flags three times and the last that's use now have a red saltire oni a white field, the seal of Florida superimposed on the center.

In Florida, we can do a lot of activities. The principal one that everyone knows; Walt Disney World. This is the attractions that everyone wants to do. A lot of characters that plays in the Disney movies are there. You can also take pictures with them, do a lot of memories.

The other is Universal's Island of Adventure. This is an attractions park. A lot of fun to do with our family! These carousel waiting for you.

A third one that can interest you is the Jungle Island, this is a jungle with a lot of animals and you can do a lot of activities in ! It's to try. Visit the magnificent nature, you will see, that's sooo beautiful.

Finally, the lion country safari. It's so amazing! We can see giraf, lion and you see them in car ! It's a veritable safari, the animals approach you to 3 centimeters of your car it's incredible.

The citrus is widely consumed in Florida because of the heat. It haves a major production of citrus. The principal food that is known is the key lime pie. It's a dessert made of ey lime and pie shell.

The drink that's very popular in Florida is the the orange juice of course. But, the fruits is everywhere there so they do mist with juice tropical fruits. Like smoothies.


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