Four Kingdoms of Africa Ghana, Mali, Songhai, SURPRISE

Kingdom of Ghana is the area shaded in green.


physical description: located in Western Africa, south of the Sahara, north west of the Niger river.

religion- animism, worshiped ancestors later became Islam.

knives from Ancient Ghana

trade: gold, ivory, and slaves for horses (Arabs), clothes, swords, an books (N. Africans and Europeans.) Much wealth came from this.

culture- spoke Soninke and Mande, monarchy, got many ideas from Muslims

info: 300-1100 AD, fell from growing too weak/ became part of Mali

slave trade- West African slaves were captured and sold to Muslims and either to South Africa or Central Africa.

modern Ghana

current Ghana: presidential republic. source, transit, and destination for trafficking, 3 airports.



physical description: West Africa, hot, dry, near Niger River

ancient Mali church

religion- Islam/Muslim

trade:gold, traveled on camels in caravans...(import) salt, glass, ceramics, and precious stones from N. Africa

culture- small tribes, settled by French

info: 1235 AD -1600 AD, Mansa Musa

slave trade: men, women, children to W/E Africa to N. Africa

modern Mali

current Mali- 2016 state of emergency, constitutional democracy, one of poorest countries



physical description: West Africa, large, Niger River, hot

religion- Islam

trade: gold, salt

culture- blend of traditional and Islam, daily traditions and customs

they have these everywhere

info: Askia Muhammad, 1464 to 1591

slave trade- captives of war used to transport goods, sold to Europeans and Americas


current Songhai: now Senegal, Gameia, NW Nigeria, Central Nigeria



physical description: tropical S Africa

religion- Shona

trade: iron

culture- iron makers and agriculturalist

info:1100–1450 AD

slave trade- part of Atlantic Slave trade. across the Atlantic ocean

current Zimbabwe: semi-presidential system, pop. 11,392,629, parliamentary democracy, variety of economical problems


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