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This fall, students of Indiana University will be heading into a new building for anything dealing with Journalism. Students and faculty have been helping to move supplies from the former Journalism building, Ernie Pyle Hall, to Franklin Hall, located near the Sample Gates on Kirkwood Avenue. As the occupants of the Journalism school walk into the new building, they will pass a statue of Ernie Pyle, a former student and Photojournalist of Indiana University. The statue is one of only three statues depicting people on the entire campus.
Unpacking the boxes inside of his office, Director of Creative Marketing and Operations, Greg Menkedick gets ready for the upcoming journey of the new Media School. "I think it went as smoothly as one could hope," explained Greg. The new move will take a lot of getting used to.
Greg Menkedick tells the story of the historically significant desk that was moved from Ernie Pyle to Franklin Hall. The desk is believed to have been used by Ernie Pyle himself when he was the Editor in Chief at IU. It has since become a tradition for all of the outgoing Editors in Chief to sign the desk with the year that they were Chief.
"They could've taken our input a little more seriously," says Susan McGlocklin, the person in charge of inside sales, circulation, and national advertising. Some people aren't too happy about the move over, due to the fact that many are still missing supplies that are crucial.
Students and faculty will be able to look forward to using the 4th largest television in the world, while being a student in the new media school. The other three televisions all reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.
As Asia James, the customer service representative for the Indiana Daily Student, checks her computer, she explains what the move is like for her. "It's different. I would say I like the location better since it's close to Kirkwood. We've lost a lot of office space, but I wouldn't say that it's a bad move."
The halls and stairways of Franklin Hall remain empty as the building is still closed for construction. Many seem to look forward to the day that the building is open for business in the fall of the 2016 school year.
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