Rohingyas' Homes of Hope Shelter for the unwanted

The Rohingyas are unwanted by the people of Myanmar, as well as the Bangladeshis. Because of this, they are forced to live in filthy camps in Bangladesh, where they are poorly treated and barely have enough supplies to live a normal life.

The Rohingyas' are forced to stay inside camps where all exits are guarded by Bangladeshi authorities. They are not allowed to leave to get an education, find a job, or even get medical help.

Questions and Answers

What will this organization do for the Rohingyas?

Our organization will gather funds in order to create and maintain new camps in Bangladesh for the Rohingyas. The least we will attempt to accomplish is maintaining and improving already built camps in Bangladesh.

Who are the Rohingyas?

The Rohingyas are an ethnic muslim minority group primarily residing in Myanmar. They practice a form of Sunni Islam. Although they are a part of Myanmar, Myanmars government refuses to count the Rohingyas as citizens. The Rohingyas officially lost their citizenship in 1982.

Why are they leaving Myanmar?

This is a fairly complicated matter, but a lot of it has to do with superstitions and fear. Myanmar is about 90% Buddhist, while the Rohingyas are a Muslim group. Because of this, many people believe in a prophecy that claims the Buddhist faith will disappear in the coming millennial. Because of this fear (among other things) many Rohingya's are abused, raped, and sometimes even murdered by Myanmars. "It is so bad here that the best option is to face death, torture or abuses at sea just to escape," says Matt Smith, an activist and founder of Fortify Rights.

What is happening?

In Myanmar, the Rohingyas’ are denied citizenship and treated as illegal migrants from Bangladesh. If that is not bad enough, in Bangladesh they are also unwanted. A lot of Rohingyas are deciding it is better to escape Myanmar for Bangladesh in hopes of a better life. While Bangladesh is the most popular spot to escape to, some Rohingyas also find shelter in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

How do the Rohingyas get to Bangladesh?

To escape Myanmar, refugees must travel several miles at night to the very last camp at the water's edge. They then have to make it past the police, who need to be paid about $1,000 just to give people the chance to flee. From there, they go out to the beach where boats are waiting. Finally, they just hope for a chance at a better life.

Problems Caused

  • Rohingyas’ have a shortage of food and water, as well as simple supplies.
  • As stated above, Rohingyas’ arrive to terrible and dirty camps after their long journey. Basic things like education and medical help are not available in these camps.
  • The Rohingyas don’t exist as far as the Myanmar government is concerned.

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