The Lord of the Flies BY William golding

The Lord of the Flies is a fiction novel about a group of boys who crash land into a uncharted island. They have to survive on their own while they wait to be rescued. Ralph will have to keep the "tribe" calm in order to survive.

Ralph and Piggy use the conch to call meetings with the other boys. Whoever has the conch was the person allowed to talk. It also symbolizes civilization and order.

Jack and his hunters will track pigs in order to have meat. Also, they were supposed to keep a fire going, so when a ship comes past it will see the smoke. Jack goes of hunting, and lets the fire out when a ship passes. This is the breaking point between Jack and Ralph.

Piggy, who is Ralph's best friend, also helps him keep control of the tribe. He then uses his glasses to start their fires which is a symbol of science and technology.

Ralph, who is the leader of the tribe, tries to keeps everyone calm and working but they do not listen well. 

Before Jack and his hunters leave the tribe, they paint there faces to blend in, but then they started their own with Jack leading it.

The kids carried sharpened sticks with them to hunt for pigs. They also used them to poke their prisoners at Jack's tribe

The kids also carried sticks with them to protect themselves from the "beastie" which they they think comes from the ocean, but it really is a parachute. It is also a symbol of the devil or evil.

Jack's tribe kills Piggy by rolling a boulder and hitting him with it. Then they all hunt Ralph, and try to kill him with sharpened sticks.

A police boat arrives saving Ralph from the boys, and rescuing them from the island.


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