Yoda's Cane do it YOURSELF project by: Avery hofmann

Character Chose-For this project i chose to use Yoda as my character and the cane he uses to get around and keep the world in control.Yoda is one of the main characters in Star Wars.He is also the leader of the Jedi who is the good side in the series.He is also not just a leader in the movies and comics his representation can mean so much more.
Evidence and Details-I think that yoda is more than any character in a movie. The things he does are based for good and have more reason behind them.I think Star Wars is very entertaining yet alone interesting. Yoda is a hero and in the movie is the leader of the good side.He saved everyone
Evidence and details-Not only does yoda save everyone he also sends a good message to kids. He shows you don't have to be all big to make a difference. He is the smallest person and needs a cane to walk but he still saves everyone. He shows you can make a differ ence.
Evidence and details -It stakes in Star Wars legend "he summons his gimer stick to hand". This shows he used gimer stick as wood for the cane.
Special Things-Yodas cane is made out of imaginary wood called gimer wood. Yoda fights battles and sometimes gets hurt. He is old and he needs healing. The gimer stick supplies him with that. The special thing is if you bit the gimer stick you get a juice and that juice heals.
In conclusion - Yoda is an charecter in a movie but can be taken as much more. He is a leader of the Jedi and is kept alive by his cane because his cab has a magic healing juice. Even though he is just a fake character in a movie he can be taken as so much more.
Info and description of Yoda and Cane-Yodas cane has a round top and is a smooth ball looking shape. The cane I made is more for the hieght of yoda. Yoda is also only 2"2 tall.The stick is ball like on the top and as it goes down the stick it gets skinner and skinner.
WEEK 1- The first week i had to planmy project out and write my essay.
WEEK 2- I sawed my stick to the size and all the extra limbs off.So i could start carving.
WEEK 3 and 4 -I had to carve the ball into the top of the stick. I also had to carve the lines down the middle.This was the carving portion
WEEK 5- I was on the computer to type in my essay.I also had to set up my title page and backrounds.
WEEK 6 -On week 6 I sanded down my ball on my stick and all the other sticks. I also stained my stick and ended it off by putting clear coat on it
WEEK 7-This was the last week of blogging and the week after this is when the project was due.


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