Project:" A house for coach V" by floriane

To start the project: A house for Coach V. I first made Tinkercad. This was longer because it was necessary to make all the parts with the exact measurements. Here you can see the three views: bird’s eye view, side view and front view.

This is the house in full
Bird’s eye view
Front view
Side view

I made also three maps to find me afterwards. Every map have measurements on doors or/and windows. The three maps are: Bird's eye view, side view, front view. That's my three maps:

Bird's eye view
Side view
Front view

Once all the maps were done, I start calculations. I need the volume for heating, the surface area of the house for paint and the surface area on the roof for shingles


For the volume, I know that the cost of heating is 1.50 euros per cubic meter per month. So, I calculate the volume then, I multiply by 1.50 and my result was 2160 euros

SA for painting

For the surface area of the house, I know that a can of paint covers 40 square meters, and costs 20 euros. So, I calculate the surface area of the house then, I divide by 40 and multiply by 20 my result is 54,75 euros.

SA for the roof tiles

For the surface area on the roof, I know that a bundle of shingles covers 10 square meters and costs 90 euros per bundle. So, I calculate the surface area, after I divide by 10 and multiply by 90 and my results was 900 euros.

If I had everything the house will cost 3114,75 euros!!!


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