Journey Log #1 Alex haight (Warrior) - ihaightrunning - Section 041

I just watched the first episode of Vsuace's Mind Field YouTube Red series. The first episode is about Michael (the host of the show and creator of Vsauce) locking himself in a white room for three days. The episode got me thinking about metacognition (or as I like to call it, introspection). I do a lot of thinking on my own, but as I progress in this class, I believe I will do more. It was the "Exploring" and "Reflecting" essays that resonated with me most so far. I've always been a thinker but these essays opened my eyes to the benefit that comes with that. I come from a very structured high school where I took almost all International Baccalaureate classes that were standardized throughout the world. Although this helped me gain a lot of knowledge, it wasn't the best for facilitating creativity due to the curriculum. I branched out on my own to read and write for myself as well as learn about topics that interest me. As I transitioned into college and assignments became more open ended, I realized that my "training" had served me well, and these essay's only solidified that. I was able to twist and turn assignments how I wanted them and was able to make them my own. There were no walls or barriers stopping me and that's what I loved the most. This seems to be the scenario for this class as well. Flexibility and the ability to push myself and learn on my own has driven me from the start of this semester, and this class will only help facilitate that.

Persistence is a difficult trait to keep. It takes patience and resilience. It also takes responsibility. This class seems like it will require a lot of persistence. An unusual format for a class (obviously) will take some time to get adjusted to. Having your professor wanting you to do assignments last minute will also take getting adjusted to. I believe being persistent will be a key to success in this class. That persistence will come with being responsible for my assignments and their due dates, it will come from the patience to let my professor explain himself, it will come from the resilience to bounce back after a potentially poor grade. Persistence will also come from doing assignments I think are pointless or arbitrary. As I become introduced to this class I realize the need for persistence. I realize how imperative it will be to succeed, not only in this class, but in life. Many things will not come easy and I will need to be persistent in order to get through the tough times. Hopefully this class teaches me how to be persistent in those situations, and if it doesn't, hopefully I learn that trait through experience during the semester so I can attribute it to this class. Persistence is also this. Writing a journey log that has to be over 600 words when I've only been at Clemson a little over two weeks and don't have much to say. It's writing this while I'm going through a rough personal patch and don't know what else to say about persistence. It's having written about introspection and creativity and even flexibility and choosing this Habit of Mind because I felt like I could write 300 words about it. Apparently not. But I guess persistence isn't going off on a tangent about what it is rather than sticking to the assignment. Oh well. Persistence is present in "Paying Attention". It's not falling asleep during a boring lecture. It's giving someone your full attention to benefit yourself even if you don't want to. Persistence is a lot of things, and an imperative trait for success is one of those things.

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