Good Life Spark Story:The Florida Museum of Natural History Catucha Morand

Nature and Ethics

Here I stand in front of the Butterfly Exhibit. The Butterfly Exhibit contained many taxidermy collections depicting the beauty of many butterfly and moth species. It also did not hesitate to indicate how many of the species we call beautiful are endangered or are being severely affected by human behavior. By contrasting beauty and environmental issues, the exhibit almost calls to the observer to take actions. Humans tend to mold or care for nature when it suits them or when it is considered "beautiful". More often than not, people rarely want to take responsibility for the Earth's environment and the creatures' lives they are impacting. I personally believe that see this exhibit before did initiate an ethical responsibility in me. I cannot do all, but I can do something, and that can make all the difference.

Nature on Display

Here I stand in front of the fossil skeleton of a mammoth. This exhibit particularly highlighted Woolly Mammoths and the American Mastodon. Because time is such a perplexing concept, it is really hard to grasp the fact that these creatures roamed the Earth not so long ago. Modern society tends to completely disconnect itself from the past, almost perpetuating this ideology that we live in a completely different world. Simply viewing a photo or a painting does not force the observer, such as I, to truly realize the authenticity of the existence of these creatures or their size. What I found most enjoyable about this is exhibit is that it reminded me humans are not the only creatures on earth. It is not that I forgot this fact but it is more so that society almost makes it seem that it is our existence above all else that matters.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Here I stand in front the the exhibit of that depicts the life the Indigenous peoples during the era of Hunter and Gatherers. This one of my favorite exhibits in the museum. This exhibit is a reminder of how different the society, cultures, and even the physical land was before. It was way for us, as individuals, for a second to step out of the lives we live now see the lives of those that came before us. It honestly is something marvelous to experience. When the realization occurs, that connection can be made by the observer that we a part of nature too. I personally feel like this is something we forget far too often; humans are also a part of the natural world.
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