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No CE kites are real on fake goods, making toys deadly for young children

PAW PATROL 2016 biggest counterfeit products


Thank you for buying this PDF and I can tell you now it will be the best £0.99 you have spent when it comes to spotting fakes.

My name is David Begley and I am sick and tired of seeing innocent British People being scammed openly online by mainly the Chinese.

The genuine article will always be flawless

I have spoken to trading standards who have admitted that they can not touch eBay or Amazon or the sellers because none are based in the Uk.

Here is Trading Standards reply.

Dear Mr Begley,

Thank you for your enquiry to the Citizens Advice consumer service. Your reference number for this enquiry is AW0000000

We understand from your email that you would like to report a trader for selling counterfeit goods on Ebay.

We would like to thank you for providing us with information regarding this company, the more information we can gather regarding the way companies are operating makes it easier for Trading Standards to look into these companies accordingly.

Unfortunately as the trader appears to be in China, UK law may not apply, therefore this may be out of Trading Standards jurisdiction.

Perfection on the genuine product is your clue, if there's any flaws it's probably fake

Also, as Ebay are not a UK based company, Trading Standards may not be able to take action against them.

So trading standards have their hands tied. So my plan is to get as many as these out as I can before eBay shut me down because the counterfeit goods market is eBay's bread and butter. And I wonder whether this type of trade is why PayPal left eBay.

Ok so back to Fakes. You are probably aware of fake Money and Clothes and Rolex watches. But are you aware of the other goods? Anything that the British Consumer buys regularly and needs will be copied, even items of health and safety.

Have you received an item that you believe to be counterfeit?We're here to help you if you believe an item to be counterfeit.

We invest significant resources into creating a safer marketplace for our users.

However, if you believe that the item you purchased is counterfeit, or doesn't match its listing description you may be covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee .

Follow these steps if you think your item is counterfeit:

If you believe your item is counterfeit, or isn't as described, contact the seller first.

Give them a chance to sort things out for you.

If you still need help, let us know your problem. We're available 7 days a week.

You can notify us online via the eBay Resolution Centre or our customer service representatives who are available Monday to Friday 08:00AM – 10:00PM, Saturday and Sunday 09:00AM – 6:00PM.

We'll work with the seller to help sort things out.

We'll contact the seller and ask them to solve your issue within 8 days. After 8 days if the problem can't be resolved between you and the seller, you've paid using PayPal and your claim qualifies for coverage with eBay Money Back Guarantee, eBay will arrange for the purchase price plus original shipping to be refunded through PayPal.

If you didn't pay with PayPal

If the seller hasn't resolved your issue you can still contact us and we will contact the seller to try to resolve the problem.

We want you to be happy with your purchase and are committed to making sure you can purchase items from eBay with complete confidence. We're here to help if you have problems.

Extremely dangerous for skin

FLEA treatment. I had a box of FLEA treatment left over so I put it on eBay. Before the end of the day ebay removed it because it was prescription drugs and they are banned on eBay. But eBay allow OVER 50 ebay shops to sell prescription FLEA treatments.

Never buy electrical goods from china

There are massive scams on eBay, one is the location rules scam. They advertise UK STOCK or UK SELLER but they are not, always look at a sellers feedback, if it's 98.9 or less then I wouldn't buy from them. Next to their account name should be where the account is held. So if it says uk seller and it's got china on the top of their page then they are fooling eBay location tools into believing that they are uk sellers. You will have delayed delivery if any and definitely counterfeit goods. However you can get these scammers back, once you receive your fake product open a case against them asking to return the goods to the uk warehouse because they are counterfeit. They won't be able to give you a uk address and will try lying and all under handed tricks to get you to back Down. Keep at it and then eBay step in and refund you in full and you keep the counterfeit products. One up for the buyers.

Anything that will sell will be made by Chinese factories

Ok fake clothing. You would think this is hard to tell but the biggest clues go out the window when you get the low price for what looks real. So let's pick Lyle and scott. Below is a real Lyle and Scott logo. Look at the detail on the bird, perfect stitching

Authentic Lyle and Scott

Now below is a fake Lyle and Scott logo, you will instantly see the difference in detail and quality. Every designer make such as Hugo Boss or Henry Lloyd etc will always be immaculate. They under go thorough examination before being sent out of the factory. One popular sales pitch for fake goods is the old "FACTORY SECONDS" line. I can tell you now that no manufacturer sells seconds out the back door legally. With tops ranging from £15 to £90 they will not send out £90 tops with minor defects for £20.

Fake logo stands out compared to top logo in a big way

When you see designer tops at a price you know is really cheap it's not a bargain, it's a fake. No one can afford to sell a £70 for £20-£30 quid. It's ridiculous. On eBay you will find BOSS T-Shirts and Armani Calvin Kleine etc all exactly the same except for the logo says a different name. These are Blatantly advertisements of copyright theft by ebay shops. But because they bring in so much money for eBay they turn a blind eye. If I tried to sell one I would be banned for life because I'm merely a little fish but also I can be put down as a fight against copyright theft. But I would still be allowed to buy fakes.

I have reported endless accounts for location rules breach, copyright theft and other things and never once have the accounts been touched. I lie one Chinese account was pretending to sell full size characters outfits and I bought 3 which were never sent, I was refunded in full and they were shut down. I can't express enough how important reading negative feedback is to you. Forget the good feedback it's irrelevant and many may have opened cases afterwards.

Never buy clothes from china unless you like thin cotton blend felt type rubbish. And sizing is a nightmare. XXL is going to be a small in uk terms. XXL in uk does not exist in china. In fact you be lucky to get XL from them. Same goes for anything to do with sizing.

Footwear tops bottoms etc will always be made as cheap as possible and photography will make them look amazing.

Chinese factory with low paid workers

Some products can be very dangerous, batteries or anything electrical can cause house fires or serious burns and explosions in your bag or pockets. Below is the burn mark off a pair off flip flops. I didn't need to tell you they were flip flops as the picture says it all.

If you buy these below cheap at under £40 when the RRP is £80 to £135 what do you think you're going to buy? Yes that's right. Junk. Again the Chinese have whipped up a cheap copy for £20 and under claiming to be a uk seller when in fact they're in china and 2/3 days will turn into weeks if not never, then a big eBay argument to get a refund. So please DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP VERSION ANYWHERE EVEN HOME BARGAINS

Cheap low standard products
Biggest game 2016 to be counterfeited real or fake?

These are a couple of fraudulent accounts on eBay.

When you buy on eBay the first thing you need to check is feedback. Generally I don't even touch any account under 99.6% feedback. Even though it's only 0.4% that is a pretty high percentage for a shop unless they have like 20 sales in total.

98.7% and under is very common for a Hong Kong or China based seller. But when you look at where the products are coming from it will say uk Glasgow or Leeds or London. Funny they never say Wales so I'm guessing a seller in wales is probably a Genuine seller.

Ok so you got 99.8% seller? Go on their name half way down page and look at NEGS. Negs is negative feedback. Don't bother with the positive and I will explain why.

NEGATIVE feedback is going to be left by someone who knows their products, someone who wears the same perfume will notice it wears off quick, for instance "Joop" everyone knows that hangs around forever. If it smells different you might be lucky to see the best comment ever, " um yes the manufacturer updated the product" I swear I was crying, why? Well obviously if it smells different then they would have created a new perfume and sold it as such.

I said dont bother with positive feedback, these seller get people in the offices friends family etc to buy stuff for buttons and leave positive feedback up to about 30+ to get them started then flood the uk market with cheap replica goods that break, catch fire, burn skin, scar people and harm animals. Yes it's against eBay regulations to sell prescription drugs and some FLEA treatments are prescribed. So we have 100s of sellers breaking these rules, for what? 20% mark up? No they are fake so probably 90% and 99.9% of buyers won't know and never will. And that's why you do not read positive feedback because it's written for the sake of or even after it's written then the true reality is noticed. So never trust positive feedback. So here's today's tips people, buy safe and don't ever forget to argue

Buy the Genuine Article: How to pick a fake or pirated DVD box set

I know buying DVDs online can be sometimes a daunting & confusing task.

With so many different sellers, different prices, different locations and different cover art, how do you know exactly which is real?

Pirated DVDs are not only illegal but usually sub-standard, you may buy what you think is a bargain only to end up with a pile of

useless discs.

As a DVD seller who sells both on & off eBay, I know what to look for in a genuine release. Here are some tips to help you get the best from your purchase.

What to watch out for:

Genuine release cover art does not contain Chinese characters

Genuine releases do not have typos on the packaging

New or recent release DVDs (those currently screening on TV) will not be released as all region

There is no such thing as a DVD being both PAL & NTSC, this is technically impossible

The majority of DVD box sets are released only as Region 1, 2, or 4

If a season of a TV show is not released yet as Region 1, 2 or 4 then it is most certainly not legal

The amount of discs may vary to that of the genuine release

The discs are usually packed in plastic pouches instead of proper amaray or digipak packaging

The price is considerably cheaper than other box sets of the same title

Contrary to public opinion, DVD pricing is quite strongly governed by the releasing studios and while there are instances when an item may be discounted or on-sale, normally the pricing will be similar across all sellers & online stores

A genuine release will come with a manufacturers warranty

Know your seller, and beware of low feedback sellers selling collections that look a little different to what you buy in the stores

Did you know a genuine Asian release will be region 6?

And the best advice, do your research, compare the cover art and description with the recognised eBay sellers and please, don't waste your money!

Buying fakes supports illegal businesses and by receiving these items you may unknowingly be breaking the law!

Well you have my link to Facebook so please keep it active and watch for updates and if ever you're not sure just post the link on my Facebook page and I will check it.

I hope you have learned something about eBay and scams and that ebay is a dangerous place if you're not sure. Thanks


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