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Chile is located in the continent of South America. Chile covers 743,812 square kilometers (462,183 square miles). The topography is mountains and valleys, Andean Cordillera in the east, low coastal mountains in the west with valleys in between. The language spoken in Chile is just Spanish. The conversion rates in Chile are 1 Chilean Peso is equal to 0.0015 US dollars. 1 US dollar equals $659.50 in Chilean Peso. You won't need much money for the sake of 2 US dollars will equal $1,318.22 in Chilean Peso. Indigenous people make up 10% of the population. The Chile population reaches great lengths of 18,313,495 people. Chile celebrates its National Day (Fiestas Patrias) on the 18th and more on the 19th of September each year in memory of its independence.

Andean Cordillera

Chile es un pais grande. Hay hermosas montanas para ir a ver. De hecho, usted tiene 734,812 kilometros cuadrados para buscar y explorar. Para refrescarse puede ir a vistar la playa. La lengua espanol es dificil de entender, pero la cultura Chilena es divertida de ver. Usted no necesita tomar mucho dinero aqui hay algunas cantidades: $10.00 US =6,651.25 CLP; $25.00 US =16,628.13 CLP. el peso chileno no te da mucho en los Estados Unidos, pero los dolares te conseguarian mucho alli. Chile es un lugar hermoso. Ven a visitar cuando puedas.


Musica Latina comienza con la cultura de donde se orgino. Diferentes culturas tienen diferentes tipos de clima es bueno o malo.

Popular music in Chile is Latin music. Other types of music that is somewhat popular is music with diverse and distinctive heritages and history root in Creole and Polynesian. An example of Latin music would be Chantaje by Shakira.


Hay todo tipo de culturas diferents. Por lo que significa diferents tipos de alimentos.

Chilean food has its roots in the foods of the indigenous Chilean Indians and the Spanish. The native Mapuche contributed their staples of corn, potatoes, beans, squash, chili and chicha (fruit ciders). Sea food is also a part of the food culture.

cultural food/music

Hay todo tipo de culturas en espanol. Junto con las culturas hay musica y comida que de alguna manera puede ser similar.

The culture of Chile reflects the relatively homogeneous population as well as the geographic isolation of the country. The Chilean culture has been a mix of Spanish colonial elements with indigenous culture which is mostly Mapuche.

The Mapuche are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south central Chile (and southwestern Argentina). The collective term refers to a wide ranging ethnicity composed of various groups.


en Chile los festivales son como unas fiesta. Algunos duran un dia y otros unas pocas semanas.

Held in the northern regions of in San Miguel de Azapa, Putre and Socoroma, there is a festival called "El Carnavalon" this festival is in February (40 days before Lenten season).

Now we are going to the Central Zone where in the last weeks of March, the "Grape Harvest Festival" takes place.

In Northern Chile there is a festival that lasts from June 12-17 this festival is called "Fiesta de la Tirana"

All over Chile the "Fiestas Patrias" is held all around Chile as a festival holiday and is celebrated on the 18th and 19th of September.


  1. Usted puede jugar al voleibol en la playa. Probablemente estará caliente, por lo que se quiere traer un traje de baño y protector solar.
  2. Cuando vayas a tubo respirador tienes que llevar unas aletas para nadar, máscaras y tubos. Aparte de que tener que comprar el equiptment, es libre hacer snorkel en Chile.
  3. Todo lo que necesitas para nadar es el conocimiento de saber nadar, protector solar y traje de baño. Al nadar en el océano es libre, el océano es un lugar público.
  4. cuando el surf usted usa el vestido oficial. Necesita un traje, tabla de surf y protector solar.
  5. Usted puede ir esquiar en la nieve o esquí de volcán. 1 día $ 81 3 noches $ 1300 por persona incluye comida y billetes de remonte.
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