Harn Museum of Art Haitong Ni

1. Medium of the Art/ Technique of the artist

I was attracted by this huge sculpture when I entered into the museum. It was located at the most center position, made up by bright colors. The artist tried different types of templates, employed by marine and railroad draftsmen in order to make this sculpture. Finally, this artwork was mixed media on etched magnesium. This kind of material let me feel historical. I am impressed by the sculpture since it kind of expressed the inclusive idea of racing. It implied the development of blending different races, and the various colors the sculpture used also encouraged people to accept diversity, which also made me feel comfortable.

2. Design of the Museum

I really liked the hallways in the museum personally. They were not very long, separated by different walls, leading to different directions. I liked to think of in shadows. As the pictures showed, those hallways were very artistic. They were also convenient. For example, if I saw some interesting, I could turn around immediately through those hallways. This set helped the exhibitions to be arranged orderly. I really enjoyed walking through these hallways.

3. Art and Core Values

These two pictures successfully evoked my emotion. From those pictures, I saw the hope and bravery of starting new life. Those girls on the pictures were struggling in the poverty, the pain of separation with family, or political issues. But the artist was inspired by these girls' hope, and so was I. Their spirits also reminded me my core value, which is never give up and never say die. I could see hope in those artworks, which instill me the importance of persistence and being optimistic. I was able to understand the life better since I know to grasp each second and create something instead of waiting. These artworks helped me to realize my core value is always keeping positive and doing valuable things instead of complaining. I was so emotional and impressed when I saw these pictures and was totally encouraged by those girls.

4. Art and the Good Life

I thought those pictures definitely convey what is the real good life. We can see those people work hard, also play hard. They were so concentrated in both works, and they could find a perfect balance. This meaningful life is worthy for everyone to chase for. They were diligent when they work, and they were enjoyable when they played. I feel like this kind of simple life is the purest art that we ignored. Those pictures evoked me the understanding of a good life. I was absolutely fascinated by this quiet but busy atmosphere in the pictures. I am also inspired by those people that we should always engaged what we are doing one hundred percent, so that we could have a one hundred percent good life.

Leaving from the museum

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