Tech Tip Thursday March 24, 2016

Did you know that Google can automatically translate a document for you in over 50 languages with just a click of a button?!

Prepare to be amazed!

Here's how it works!

Open a Google Doc.

Google Docs is very similar to Word, except it is 100% FREE!

If you already have a Gmail account, you also have a Drive!

To access your Drive, go to and click on the 3x3 grid in the top right hand side of your screen. Then, select Drive.

Once you are in your Drive, click the red New button and select Google Docs.

Type a document that you would like to translate.

If you already have the document that you would like translated in your Drive, open that document instead!

Go to Tools > Translate Document.

Select the language for your translation.

After you choose a language, select, Translate.

A new window with your translated document will automatically open!

Don't worry about saving the translated version! Google automatically saved a copy in your Drive!


Do you have Word documents on your computer or flash drive that you would like to translate?


You can upload an existing Word document from your desktop or a flash drive into your Drive and Google will automatically convert most Word documents into Doc format. Then, follow the steps above to translate the document!

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Laura Sprinkle - Digital Learning Specialist
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Laura Sprinkle
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