Heather Stevenson

I am from Memphis, TN

My family and I have always lived in Memphis. I have one older sister, who graduated from Baylor and is living in Texas.
I came to Clemson in Fall 2016
I live in Byrnes Hall
I am a food and Nutrition Science Major, With and Emphasis in Dietetics. My career goals (At the Moment) are to Do Medical Nutrition Therapy n a Hospital Setting.
I love running, more like a love-hate relationship. However, it's what I love doing in my free time. I enjoy running trails in the Clemson North and South Forest.
I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a Co-ed Service Fraternity.
I am a member of FCA and got to spend my Spring Break with them serving the city of Baltimore.
I love doing any type of "fun" run on the Weekends!
In high school, I did Track & Field, Cross Country, and Volleyball
I volunteered at an Animal Shelter the summer before Clemson.
I love traveling and road trips to the beach!


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