The Schizophranic Detective By: Andric korrodi

A few years back, in a small town in Nevada lived a young girl by the name of Elena with her two parents. The girl and her parents were like glue and paper, they loved each other so so much. Until one day they were driving from a school play back home when a black van crashes their car towards the side of the broken part of the bridge they were driving in. The car falls off the bridge and sinks into the river under it killing the two parents, but the girl luckily survived. She swims out the car and comes out the water gasping for air. Ever since that night that little girl died in the bridge where her parents were murdered and a new girl was born inside her ready for revenge and justice.
Time has flew, years have passed, she knew that she had to get over her parents death because it wasn’t healthy for her to torment herself like that but she still won’t stop looking for their murderers. So far she’s been doing great, she got the husband of her dreams, an awesome apartment and a great job as a private investigator. But lately everything has been too good for her, too good that she’s been feeling weird about it. Well, one night she got out of work and was walking to her car when suddenly she gets a weird phone call from a number that was unknown. She thinking that it was most likely a client answered but got what was the most unexpected thing..her husband. Richard AKA her husband was screaming from on top of his lungs for help saying things like, “help!” “Hurry or they will do it!” Elena immediately got in her car and drove as fast as she can to get to her apartment but unfortunately it was too late and her husband bled to death in her kitchen floor.
Elena was devastated, yet she still couldn’t believe it but she knew that she couldn’t waste time or else they the bad men will slip again. So she got to work putting the best of an investigator looking for camera footage that can identify a car or any type of weird transportation. Also looking for footprints on the floor next to where her husband laid in the kitchen, and fingerprints on the kitchen knife that was used to murder Richard. Sadly, Elena did not find a single trace of evidence that can lead to her husband’s death, although she did find a sticky note next to Richard’s body stating, “You’re next Elena.” She still didn’t know who it was but then she thought to herself, “If they killed my parents then my parents are my clue.” While Elena was driving to her parents house she received a phone call again from an unknown number. She decided to decline it but they called again so she answered. This time it was a man with a very deep voice he told her, “ It was all your father’s fault.”
Elena finally got to what used to be her home as a child. She didn’t know where to begin so she started off with her father’s office. She went through every desk drawer and old files but there was nothing until when she was about to step out she heard a squeaky noise that seemed like it was coming from the old oak wood floor that was in the room. Elena got her car keys and shoved them hard in the corner of the rectangular piece of wood so she can lift it up. When she finally got to open it all she found was a red button in the concrete. She didn’t know what to do so she decided to push it and then boom the whole house floor was opening into half and made a hole that went super deep into the earth’s crust. Elena was so distracted that she didn’t notice that five men-looking species were behind her. She then turned around and noticed what seemed to be five tall pale faceless men in suits facing her direction wear pins of an American flag inside what seemed to be inside a UFO on their suits. Elena was so horrified that she couldn’t move at all, which gave the tall men-like to shoot her with a white thick liquid that put her to sleep.
Elena later woke up the next day hardly remembering anything that happened last night. She then rubbed her eyes to focus them and then noticed that she wasn’t in her room but what seemed to be a room in a asylum. Elena still could not move that much but could manage to call for help. A nurse walked in and told her it was time for her medicine. She asked her what medicine and the nurse told her, “Oh silly you know, your medicine for your disorder Schizophrenia.” Elena refused to take it but the nurse insisted telling her, “You need to, you wouldn’t want more victims.” Elena asked “What victims?” the nurse told her about the people she killed including her parents and her husband. Elena did not believe her and told her that she is a private investigator and she is looking for the murderers and then it hit her. All the memories together of her killing her parents, and her stabbing her husband. She remembered everything clearly, how she covered her tracks and dumped all the bodies in her old house and how she will always be remembered as the “Investigator with Schizophrenia.”
Created By
Andric Korrodi


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