The Han dynasty By taylor, mason, elIanna, & princess

We know that the Han dynasty had a strong central government, and came in to Power in 206 B.C and ended in 220 A.D.

And also we have learned that China traded with Europe and Central Asia at routes known as the silk roads.

So Why do Chinese people still call themselves "the people of Han"?

The Han people who ruled in the dynasty is just natural for them to call them the people of the Han. Because they once lived in the kingdom.

Why are they still not a dynasty?

When the rebellions against the Han began, the empire was thrown into chaos.

What did they trade and why?

The invention of the looms enabled silk to be produced and traded to Europe people through the Silk Road.

Who is the main leader?

The king of the Han Dynasty was born not a king instead he was born a peasant


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