Indus River by marEk gregeory

Come to the Indus River you won't be disappointed.

It has Sevral animals and is a great area to settle in.

I think we should settle near the Indus River. It is a great river and has firtle land for farming.

There are mountains, a huge river, and forest there is also a desert. I think this is the best place for us to live. Why you might ask, because it has food, tress and mountins and a desert for protection. We can also travel easy because of the river that dumps into the ariabian sea.

Their is an overhead shot of the Indus River area

It's east if the thar desert it's in the north east part of ancient India and its south of the kush mountain range.

It's 60 km north of Mehar and 100 km east of Sukkur the river dumps into the Ariabian Sea. It is in a valley and is surrounded by mountains. It's on the sub continent India


Created with images by wildxplorer - "Postcard from Ladakh" • poonam.agarwal.s - "Indus River" • krishanu_seal - "Indus River" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Flooding in Pakistan Sept 7th, 2010"

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