¡Vamos a Cocinar! Hispanic recipe and cooking show project

¿Quién tiene hambre?

¡Vamos a cocinar!

Vamos a celebrar el fin de año y el Cinco de Mayo con nuestro proyecto de comida.


Find an authentic “receta” (recipe) from a Spanish-speaking country, translate it into Spanish (using our recent vocab and formal commands), and make the recipe to share with your class – the idea is to get a “taste” of different countries’ culinary traditions.


Hay DOS opciones:

Opción A - Cooking Show

Opción A

Cooking Show

Imagine you are a chef on a Cooking Show where you are preparing the recipe you chose (above). You will show your classmates how to make the recipe either “live” in class OR make a presentation or video. For both modes of presenting, you are to use Adobe Spark. If you are performing it live, you are not expected to bring in perishable food for your presentation. However, you are encouraged to bring in props (bowls, spoons, spices, etc.), wear appropriate TV Cooking Show attire, and do your best to memorize your Cooking Show script.

Opción B

Recipe Country of Origin Research and Presentation

If you're not into acting, you may research the country that your recipe is from and create a presentation to share with the class using Adobe Spark.

What do I share about the country?

Geography * Flag * Capital * Population * Currency * Popular Foods & Attractions * Pictures * Music * Traditional Clothing

Grading Rubric

Ejemplos del año pasado...

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