Snapchat (snap).inc


Snapchat has these glasses that have cameras on the side that let you see and take pictures. They also have a app in the cloud. There are 1,859 employees.

Founders, Ceo, and background info

  • The current ceo of snapchat's is Evan Spiegel
  • Snap chat was incorporated on may 24, 2012
  • All of the founders of snap chat went to Stanford and created there app in college
  • The founders of snapchat were Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy
  • some competitors are instagram, facebook, twitter, and vine



Their 52 week high is $29.44 and there low is $20.64. When they started trading at the new york stock exchange it was $24 a share, which is a %40 increase over $17 a share.


Recently Saint Francis High school in california made $24 million. This school has a lot of money now that they made $24 million from the IPO. Now that they have the money they can do a lot of things with the money.

Summary, Analysis, Reflection

After knowing about this stock i would not purchase this stock. This stock would be great for short term investing.this stock is right now going down.



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