Hero Sieun Lee 8

The character that I think is important from the Pentateuch, and the book of History is Moses. Moses is the author of the Pentateuch, and he was the leader who brought out the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. He lived his whole life for the Lord, although he had to hide from the eyes of the Egyptians when he was a baby, and became the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter. He had to persevere, endure, be patient, and smart, and it was hard, but he tried all of these things really hard for the Lord. He could not go into the Promised Land, because he did not follow what He said. But he played the biggest part of leading the Israelites for forty years.

I learned that leadership is really important, and to be a leader, I have to go through all the hard things, and serve. Moses has been a great model of a leader. Also I learned that there is a purpose for everyone in the world. Moses had a hard childhood, but he was called by God, and became a great leader of the Israelites.

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