Case 420(Anna Garcia) Anna gaRia

Anna Garcia died around 7 in the morning and was found dead at 11 in the afternoon. And was dead for 4 hours. Also with temperature in the room her body started to like have a reaction to it. She is 38 years old and lives with a dog no children. Divorced with her husband the same year. And has her own company.

Her husbands wife was not seen anywhere near the house but however he car was seen parked in front of Anna's house but there is no evidince that show she was in the house what so ever. So she probably just followed her husband a stalked from a far distance.

Blood Spatter

The examination of the blood was concluded that it came to table height, so its not proven that she died while standing up so she must've died while sitting or she hit the table while falling

An Autopsy is when to go through an examination of a dead corpse. That has no background/witnesses and you have to go through the dead corpse and the location where the dead body was found. After they have to connect all the patterns(evidence) and see what was the cause of the death


In this case they gave us the evidence(The hair, The footprint, The finger print, The Blood, etc) And we had to see what it could lead us up to and for me I came up with the conclusion and this is my theory(Autopsy Report). I think that she was drunk and she had to much wine which made her dizzy and nautious which made he vomit. Later her ex-husband came to talk things out and than they talked probably till around 3 in the morning, later he left and she was left alone and than she went to get a drink and when she came back she felt sick hit her head on the corner of the table and died with the temperature low

Crime Scene
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