K. Martinez Art 1 Portfolio

I drew a pretzel in each box then added elements of art to demonstrate each element of design. This will help me know what they each look like.
I cut out pieces of paper and displayed them to represent different principles of design. The colors and shapes were arranged to show the meaning of design.
I used different colored paper and different shapes to show different types of balance. These boxes use cutout papers to show principles of design.
This is the scale that we use for shadowing. It shows us examples to you how dark or how light we should make it look.
For this picture I drew a sphere on a table and shadowed around it to add depths and to make the sphere look more realistic. I shaded around the bottom of the sphere and the table to show dimension.
I drew two cylinders and a cone on their own tables. I shaded the outside of the cylinders which creates a shadow on the table.
This is the line variety of a cow skull. We used charcoal and water to draw the skull and the shadows.
this one is a gesture drawing of someone trowing a ball. the objective is to get the main outline of the drawing and later you go back and shade and be more detailed.
on the left is me practicing how to use the charcoal in different way. on the right is me going back to the drawing and filling it in and making it better looking.
This is one point perspective drawing. We drew four boxes all going to one point on the paper.
This is a two point perspective. We drew four boxes going to different points on the paper.
this is a model drawing. We copied a mannequin and added shading to create dimension.
these are noses. we started off with simple shapes and started shading and making them better.
I started out with the outside of lips, then I shaded and and tried to make it more realistic
I drew two different ears. I shaded to show detail and made it helped it look more realistic.
This is a drawing of a human skull. I used the value scale to shade around the skull and this makes the face have depth.
I drew my eyebrows realistically because thats how they actually look like.

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