Tour of the Harn Museum Anne Lee

Technique of the artist

"Santa María" by Rafael Tufiño

"Santa María" by Rafael Tufiño caught my attention almost immediately due to the unique incorporation of the music score. Whenever I see music in artwork, usually only a few music notes and symbols are used. I have never seen a piece of work that has incorporated multiple measures of music. This illustrates that the art is based on the song, which is quite interesting considering that folk music is not a common source of inspiration. I enjoy and appreciate how Tufiño goes back to his Puerto Rican roots to express his artwork. Seeing such a strong tie to somebody's ethnic background to a beautiful piece of art creates a sense of awe for me and allows me to better appreciate the artist's culture. The various images around the music score creates a sense of wonder and leaves me wanting to learn more about the Puerto Rican culture.

Design of the Museum

The Cofrin Asian Art Wing

The Cofrin Asian Art Wing of the Harn was my favorite part of the museum due to the contrast of the design. Since most of the museum is made up of neutral-colored walls, walking into The Cofrin Asian Art Wing was quite a surprise. The wooden walls and floors created an atmosphere that felt more earth-like, which fit well with the pottery and rock sculptures that were displayed. The various displays of the art was also intriguing due to the multiple levels each piece was displayed on. The glass displays and bright lighting contributed to a more contemporary design, which I personally enjoy. Walking further into the wing, large glass walls let in natural light to illuminate the largest pieces of the exhibit. The natural lighting made me feel refreshed and excited to explore more of the art. Overall, the exhibit was very organized, and the way the various pieces were arranged and grouped together flowed well from one section to the next.

Art and Core Value

"Family" by Agustín Cárdenas

Though "Family" by Agustín Cárdenas, may be considered a little abstract, I automatically saw a family in an embrace when I walked up to the sculpture. Many people and cultures across the world agree that family is a very important aspect of life and individual values. Honoring my family is a core value that I hold, and I am a strong believer in upholding my loved ones. However in my opinion, it seems like the sculpture highlights love and unity above all else. Sometimes, I can get caught up in feeling pressured to do well in life in order to make my family feel proud. However, this artwork reminds me that a family's love should be unconditional. A good family is there to support you through thick and thin. Observing this piece comforts me, and reminds me to love freely.

Art and the Good Life

"St. Jean's Bay" by Leon Kroll

Leon Kroll's "St. Jame's Bay" depicts the Good Life theme of "Sharing the Good Life." The painting depicts a couple of friends enjoying a day relaxing next to a bay. Nothing extravagant is needed to enjoy a good life. Rather, sometimes the simplest moments can become the best ones because of whom those moments are shared with. The scene Kroll painted creates a sense of serenity, but not solely because of the beautiful landscape. The people in the scene highlight the peacefulness of the setting. As I viewed this painting, I was reminded of the importance of sharing good things and experiences with people. Not only will they benefit, but I'll also be better off enjoying the wonders of life with others.

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