Small Group Adventures photo adventures for all levels.

Small Group Photo Adventures

Maximum of 5 photographers per expedition... Conducted mostly on location, occasionally in a studio. These Small Group workshops are suitable for all levels of photographer, from beginners through to advanced enthusiasts. Participants must have a DSLR camera or interchangeable lens mirrorless style camera.

Sunsetting over a small billibong beside the River Murray near Merbein.
Summer storm moves over harvested cereal crop.
Winding road near the small tourist town of Halls Gap. Grampians Region of Victoria, Australia.
Grampians tourist region of Victoia. A popular fishing location.
Some Images Ian has created while instructing at a workshop.

During the workshop, we will introduce you to a series of photographic challenges related to the photo-theme for that adventure. There are group mini-lessons, practical photography sessions and tons of time to ask questions.

Your mentor for each adventure will be Ian Mckenzie, a full time working photographer with 40 years experience. We shoot in all weather conditions and make the experience as real as possible. Ian makes himself available for brief one on one instruction during the practical photo sessions. Our aim, iron out some of those photo questions that have been bugging you.

Anytime we do a small group Photo Adventure on location; you are welcome to drive yourself or ride along with us. If you choose to drive yourself, you accept full responsibility for any damage to yourself or your vehicle. Breakdowns and recoveries likewise. We're happy to help you out if we can, but will not risk other clients health or safety.

Moderatet two-wheel drive country

Our road ratings

Easy two wheel drive: Blacktop for 99% of the time.

Moderate two-wheel drive: Blacktop mixed 50/50 with formed dirt roads.

Difficult two-wheel drive: Mostly dirt roads both formed and tracks. Expect narrow roads with scratchy bushes to mess with your paintwork. Possible stone chipping and rough suspension punishing corrugations.

Expert 2 wheel drive: Narrow sandy tracks, mud, slush and likelihood of needing recovery at some stage... (if you haven't driven in these conditions, please don't try on this trip.)

Easy 4x4: Blacktop, formed dirt roads, bush tracks, limited soft sand or mud. Possible scratching and paint chipping. Unlikely to need to air down or recover.

Moderate 4x4: Mostly dirt of various grades, may need to air down, should carry recovery gear. Expect some scratching and chipping, ensure suspension is serviceable. Low range gearing or modern auto gearing with at least six forward gears.

Difficult 4x4: High clearance, winch, lockers and full recovery kit required.

Important, our Photo Adventures are about learning photography. They are not 4x4 classes or 4x4 adventures. We are not qualified to teach 4x4 driving, 4x4 recovery, or bush survival. Just to be clear on that. We use 4x4's as a tool not to get to good locations, but to get home from good locations. We generally choose older vehicles without the latest electronics, which sometimes fail in harsh conditions. Unfortunately, creature comforts are often missing from such cars.

For your safety. We always carry satellite communications gear to call for help in emergencies. We don't travel with medics or doctors/nurses as part of our crew. You should make sure you have insurance which covers you for emergency situations. We don't expect you to need this. But we do expect the unexpected.

As always in the Aussie bush... if you are driving, you should have sufficient water and fuel on board.



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