What I did in ProStart By: Riley Warren

(Term 1 on Separate Page)

Term 2

On November 18, 2016, our class did an assessment on knife cuts. We had a variety of cuts, which I though was the best of mine were the chop cut, the diagonal cut, and the Medium Dice.
One piece of kitchen equipment I would love to have in my home someday is a teppanyaki flat top griller. I love the look and design of it, it's fancy, and I think it would be really fun to cook on. Habachi service restaurants are really entertaining to go to and they have many of these.
On December 7, 2016, we had a guest speaker come on and introduce us to the Park City Culinary Institute. It was fun to watch the professional chef prepare the delicious potato dish she made. I got a lot of information about actually going into Culinary Arts. It was a fun experience and a fun class period.
On December 9, 2016, this class period was made delicious banana bread! I am a huge fan of banana bread and this class made me a bigger fan. It was fun to actually bake the banana bread and taste the creation. I really enjoyed this class period also. We also learned to compare: sugar, fat, and salt in this lab. We used all those ingredients in the banana bread, while some had less sugar, or less salt. It was a fun lab to experience.
One of my favorite cooking days is when we made this delicious chocolate torte. I love chocolate, and this made me love chocolate more. I loved the combinations of the crunchy and the soft part of the torte. Around this time, we learned how math is applied to culinary arts. Math is a thing you will use a lot of in the culinary world.

End of Term 2

Term 3

Favorite Fruit

My favorite fruit would have to be strawberries. The strawberry originated from Chile, but then was given to Europe so they could make bigger and better ones.

Dress For Success

I chose this outfit because it has a modern look while still looking professional. I really like the bow tie, that is why I chose it.

Mini Fruit Pizza

This lab taught us how to cut fruit. It also helped us try to set prices for our product, which was the mini fruit pizzas. It was fun to serve it to my peers at lunch.

Nutella Cookies

In this lab we learned how to properly make these cookies. We also served these at lunch for the CTE, this taught how to communicate about this class properly. It was fun for me to do this with friends.

Breakfast Burrito

In this lab we learned how to cook certain vegetables properly, and use healthy ingredients for a healthy meal to start the day. We even used a whole wheat tortilla.

End of Term 3

Term 4

This is a proper table setting. The forks are on the left side of the plate. The knife and spoon are ok the right side with the drinking glasses above the knife. Dessert fork and spoon are above the plate. With a bread plate above the forks.

Managing Stress

  • How I manage stress is I like to take the time to walk away from a situation that is bothering me. And I always think that being stressed makes your life a lot worse.
This is the black bean and corn salad we made. It was very delicious and required a lot of knife skills to do so.
This was our potato latke lab, it was really interesting to taste. The sauce we made was super delicious and finished the dish.
This was our homemade pasta lab. My kitchen made the lemon pasta and it was interesting. It was actually pretty good.

End of Term 4



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