Sexism in Tech Valeria Fernandez

Social media and tech jobs such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and twitter are running our world but those jobs are mostly being run by men which means we don't see the perspective of a women. Most STEM jobs are being filled by men, and women are being left behind. The inequality in the tech industry is huge but it can be fixed. Big tech companies can have internships and programs that will groom high school girls to embrace technology creation from a young age. That will help and motivate young girls knowing they have support from big companies.

My reason for choosing this topic for my senior project is because the tech world is growing so fast and so much, it is unfair that women don't get the opportunity to be a part of the change that the STEM industry is making in our world. It isn't fair that men are the only ones that get to be the ones making the change. Having less women in tech means there will be a lot more gender stereotypes aiming at them, and that makes girls grow up with that mentality as well, it is a circle of unfariness. It needs to change.

1. "Only 6 percent of VC partners are women — down from 10 percent in 1999"

2. Apple's workforce consists of 70 percent men, 30 percent females

3. One of the main reasons there is a gap is that when in salary negotiation women ask for less money than men, because they don't believe there skills are capable for more


As a Latina female who attends a very urban school, having a job in STEM would be a big opportunity because there are not a lot of Latinas in it. I would feel like I am representing them. If there were more women in the field, specifically Latinas, then that would break the stereotypes about Latinas and show that we can do more than just stay in the house and cook and clean. Being able to create in a STEM field would mean I could be a leader.

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